Friday, 2 August 2019

Ultimate Pocket Sprung Replacement Sofa Bed Mattress Now In Stock

Ultimate pocket sprung replacement sofa bed mattresses now in stock ! Using the very best micro pocket springs, these mattresses are the ultimate in comfort for your sofa bed. Hand nested in individual pockets, the spring layer is encased in natural fibres and topped with a foam layer to isolate the user. A luxurious belgian damask fabric is used to finish the mattress. Available in a wide choice of sizes to suit your mechanism. From just £189.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Best compact sofa bed available

So you've decided to splash out on a sofa bed for the spare room - it's only a small room but perfect for your guests. So you've looked around and the only sofa beds offering a good level of comfort in the bed have big, wide arms and take up loads of room. You're just about to give up but wait !
The Aztec sofa bed is perfect for the smaller room. Notice the lack of arms which put you off other models in the furniture shop ? Measuring just 140cm wide, the Aztec puts every centimetre to good use. Pull the seat forwards and in seconds, the sofa converts to a comfortable bed big enough to sleep two.
Excellent levels of comfort are offered by the high resilience foam sections in the mattress, soft enough for the lightest user yet tough enough for the heaviest. To convert back from the bed to sofa, just push the front downwards and the unit converts back in seconds.
Colour matching of the fabric to your decor can often be a headache - not with the Aztec. A wide range of over 1000 fabric combinations can be chosen from the designer ranges at manufacturer Gainsborough.
Possibly the best compact sofa bed on the market, the Gainsborough aztec is available to order now from the UK's leading sofa bed specialists The Sofabed Gallery

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Buying a futon sofa bed ? Quick answers.....

Our Tokyo futon - just £179
Frame types – mainly bifold or trifold – as the name implies, bifold has two folding sections, trifold has three.
Which mattress ? For comfort, go for a bifold frame with a twin loft / bombay mattress – heaven !
Access issues – all frames supplied by are supplied flat packed for easy assembly in situ
Fast delivery – well yes ! Plenty in stock for 24 hour dispatch.
Enjoy your futon !

Corbusier inspired loungers - Last few !

The iconic Le Lounge Lounger – bed…. we are down to the last few units and can offer a further £100 off the usual list price. Simply converts from a lounger to bed for those unexpected guests – classic design, funky good looks and european quality. The Le Lounge can be purchased for just £450

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sofa Beds feeling tired ? Give it a new Sofabed Mattress !

Just need a replacement sofabed mattress to give your sofa bed a new lease of life ? Well, we supply 4 different grades of mattress to help you in your task. From the standard foam mattress found on 3 fold metal actions, we can supply ultimate comfort pocket sprung and visco elastic memory foam units. Ideal if the maun frame of your sofabed is still in good condition, but the mattress has seen better days ! From just £99.

Monday, 29 June 2009

5 'Must Know' things when buying sofa beds

How many times have you bought something, say a car, dishwasher, plasma telly and though afterwards 'we really should have asked these questions before we bought !'Same goes for sofa beds - well here we have the top 5 definitive questions and answers.....

1) How often do you wish to use it as a bed ? If rarely, a regular metal action or futon will do - relatively cheap, but upto the job. If daily, a better 2 fold action or delux futon is a must. Preferably with a sprung or memory foam mattress.

2) Will it fit ? Don't get caught out ! Measure door ways with care as it is unlikely the retailer will take the unit back if it dosn't fit.

3) Get fabric samples ! Computer screens vary so order samples to ensure the colours match your decor

4) Noise is important ! If you will be converting the sofabed at 3 am, don't buy something with a big, heavy mechanism that will wake up the whole neighbourhood ! Instead, choose one of our simple actions which can be operated quickly and quietly, such as our popular Bronx sofabed shown above

5) Get the best deal ! Did you know that high street retails can charge around 40% more for the exact same item as online retailers ? Don't pay for fancy showrooms - save money and order online with a reputable company, such as